Natural Beaded Row Extensions

I am so excited to announce this coming November I will be trained in the Natural beaded row extensions. Anyone who knows me knows that I love extensions and right now I offer Tape in extensions, keritan extensions and clip in. A lot of people have had bad experiences with extensions and I have had A lot of clients come into the salon feeling overwhelmed and a little scared about training extensions. 

These extensions are super light on the hair you do not even notice that they are in, also instead of spending the whole day ata salon you are only you g to spend 30min. to an hour to install the hairThe hair is thick and full which makes it great for those who have really short hair. 

To book a consultation please reserve your spot for November, You can go to the tab above and click online booking there you will see a tab for Natural beaded row consultation. 


these extensions were done by Natural beaded row. 

these extensions were done by Natural beaded row.